Saturday, October 26, 2013

This little piggy went to market


These are the pics from what we purchased at Sample Spree. The larger pile of goodies is Michelle’s and by all rights it should be as she is the one that owns the shop. My smaller pile consists of goodies I just couldn’t live without, while still trying to stick to my commitment of not buying any new fabric and using up what I already have in my stash. You can see that went for a _ _ _ _.

Michelle focused on what would be interesting for the shop and well, I focused on first impressions…oh I like that and that and that and that. I picked up 10 fat quarters of Maude Asbury by Blend called Spooktacular. I’m a sucker for Halloween themed fabric and couldn’t resist. It has a really vintage look to it….really cute. Michelle talked me into a Grab and Go wool needlework kit from My Quilting Service ….you guessed it….Ghosts…I told you I had a thing for Halloween. She didn’t really talk me into it…it was the power of suggestion as she had 10 in her hand and I didn’t want to be left out. Then my best coup of the night was 2 Bali pops called Sparklers in the Sunset color way. I love these as they are a collection of Hoffman Screen-prints, each fabric shimmering with gold metallic accents. Final purchase was a 25 fat quarter pack of Mending Fences by Lynette Anderson. Cute as all get out…when I saw it I thought of my Dear Eldest Daughter and her fetish love of chickens as the line has a country farm kind of look with little chickens and cows and even tractors. Her fiancé is a tractor nut enthusiast so it will make a nice quilt or table topper for them. Overall I think I handled myself well as far as fabric purchases went, considering the damage I could have done. It’s good to know that my therapy sessions are of benefit, my therapist would be proud.

What a great start to a wonderful weekend here in Houston.

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