Monday, October 14, 2013

Anniversary Tour Day 9

Dubrovnik…..beautiful day, sun shining, warm and just a wonderful place to roam throughout.


We had to take a shuttle bus from the port to the “old city” as it is about a 10 minute ride by bus. The “old city” is completely enclosed  in a walled fortress. Everywhere you look there is history and small alley’s dotted with cafe’s, small restaurants and shops. We sat for about 2 hours at a local restaurant, had vino and pivo , ordered a pizza and waited for the kids at home to wake up so we could talk to them on Facebook as the restaurant offered free Wi-Fi.  It was good to have a quick chat with them and make sure everything was ok at home.

One of the highlights of Dubrovnik is walking the wall….you can climb very high stone staircases, then walk around the entire city on top of the stone wall. Very beautiful views of the harbour and the city. Dear Hubby, what a champ….he’s not great at heights, sort of a vertigo sort of thing, but walked the wall anyway…well not really walked, more like crawled along the wall hanging on for dear life…LOL. We both enjoyed the day immensely  seeing the local historical venues, walking through the local market, enjoying the culture, the sights and sounds of his parents homeland.

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