Saturday, October 12, 2013

Anniversary Tour Day 7

Today Dear Hubby was in his parents homeland of Croatia as we visited Split. Quite a beautiful city with a gorgeous promenade right on the waterfront with palm trees and even though the weather forecast called for 80% chance of rain, it held off all day.

antique market splitbell tower peristyle square splittourist trap at peristyle squarebetter pic at the lvxor restaurant splitpromenade split

Wandered about seeing the local sights, even managed to find an antique market. I enjoyed the “Romans” and Dear Hubby enjoyed the “ozujsko”.  There is a bell tower in every city we visit and it helps direct you to the city centre so you never get lost. We visited the Diocletian Palace, the Cathedral St.Duje, and the baptistery. Dear hubby hasn’t had this much history, or church visits since 8th grade.

He was in his element today, telling me what people were saying in Croatian as we walked around. He says he’s amazed how much has come back to him since he was a child when his parents and grandparents spoke Croatian at home. He couldn’t get all the dialogue, but words here and there.  It was funny to hear him speak in Croatian as well when he ordered food and drinks at the local restaurants.

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