Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Anniversary Tour Day 10

Wow, did we need a vacation from our vacation. I know that sounds crazy, but this trip has been go, go, go and it was great to get a day off to relax. Today the ship is at sea for the day, giving us time to rejuvenate ourselves, before we start again tomorrow.


The day co-operated with sunshine so we were able to sit out on deck, catch a few rays and veg. We both enjoyed the hot tub…I’m still trying to work thru the pain in my legs from climbing the mountain to see St. John Fortress.


The food has really been fabulous, you can get anything you fancy, day or night, night or day. You can eat as healthy as you want, or you can completely clog your arteries…the choice is totally up to you. We have been eating somewhere in between, sometimes it’s ok to cheat, but I do notice my pants are a little harder to get done up.

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