Thursday, October 10, 2013

Anniversary Tour Day 5

Rain yet again today……but on and off. We are in port at Koper, Slovenia. We opted to take a shore excursion to the Postojna Caves. About an hour drive by bus where we discovered a subterranean universe of passages, sculptures and chambers. It is a geological paradise and our son the “geologist” would have loved it.


Once back at Koper, Dear Hubby and I headed into to town to see a few sites. We had a lovely lunch at an outdoor cafe, timing it perfectly before a torrential downpour. Dear Hubby ordered pizza and I opted for gnocchi. Delicious.

I know that Dear Hubby is feeling much more comfortable and relaxed on the trip now as today he started using his foreign languages. Yes he does speak a little broken Croatian…very little, a word or two here and there, but the locals seem to understand him…..go figure. What is even funnier, is the language that is all his own….he thinks that by speaking in English with a fake Italian accent, people will actually understand his English better…’s so funny to watch. I hate to imagine what he’ll be speaking by the time we get home.

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