Friday, October 11, 2013

Anniversary Tour Day 6


Today is our 33rd wedding anniversary….honestly, seems like yesterday, how do the years take wing and fly? We arrived at Ravenna, Italy today where the ship is in dock miles from the actual city. You have to take a shuttle bus into the city. Ravenna is famous for it’s mosaics preserved in heritage buildings. Let’s face it, Dear Hubby is not that into mosaics, churches or museums, and I wanted to go with the flow, so we opted to have a low key day just around ship.  We had originally thought that we would just visit the little village that is at port called Porto Corsini, perhaps walk along the little beach, then head back to the ship. Once we did our quick walk around the village we re-thought our plan and decided to take the shuttle from the ship into Ravenna. We were so happy that we changed our plan, it would have been such a shame not to have seen what we saw today. Even Dear Hubby appreciated the venues.


We purchased a pass that allowed you to visit 5 venues and managed to make our way around to them all. The pictures do not do the venues justice….they were breathtaking. Tiny intricate glass tiles, many just 1/4 inch in size inlaid into huge wall canvases, with the most amazing colors, almost all jewelled in gold. Dear Hubby was even appreciative of the artistry. We stopped for lunch and for a few glasses of vino and birra of course.

Nice way to celebrate a special day together……Dear Hubby, bless his heart at one point says….. “Home depot would have a hard time teaching these guys anything”.

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