Sunday, October 6, 2013

Anniversary Tour Day 1

Rainy Days and Mondays Sundays always get me down….

It poured rain all day on our first day in Venice…


We are here for our anniversary trip… quite jet lagged after a night flight but ready to celebrate 33 years of wedded bliss.

Yep that’s what I said…33 years married.  Even I’m here wondering how I survived 33 years could have flown by so quickly and all of them with the same guy?

And this man, Dear Hubby, the one who’s idea of a romantic dinner night is to order in a 24 slice, grab a six pack and turn on the hockey game….the same man who thinks farting should be an Olympic sport, (by the way, he’d score perfect 10’s across the board)…the same man who constitutes snoring as foreplay…he’s all mine.

We booked an 11 night Adriatic Celebrity cruise and flew in a few days early. We are staying outside Venice near Mestre, but the bus transportation is quite good and easy to navigate.

Even with the poring rain today we did have a good day. Saw some of the sights, experienced some really cool things today as well….like


$12.00 beers…each, wow we are going to have to switch to wine this trip. How about graffiti that spelled out the word SEW…that must be a sign.


Everyone walking around in plastic rain boot bags, heart locks covering one of the bridges crossing the canal(literally thousands of them, professing love…asked dear hubby if he wanted to do it…said what a waste of  5 bucks and a lock *&%*%&*&!@%*#), Venice has it’s own leaning tower of Pisa and meringues for sale at a local bakery.

Wonderful first day of a wonderful anniversary tour!  Stay tuned for more escapades with Dear Hubby.

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