Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Spy some fun at dinnertime


I’m really hooked on these “Easy Peasy Stripy Stripey” placemats. I keep making them, and making them. This is the first set of hexagon ones that I’ve made…I think I like the circles more though. I have a ton of “I spy” fabric in my stash and thought that my grandsons could have fun at dinnertime, not that dinnertime should be fun, but maybe it would distract them into eating more…they don’t eat enough to keep pigeons alive.

What prompted this was my grandson Owen. I had made a bib for him with little tiny fire trucks on it and when he saw it, he laid it out flat and spent about 5 minutes just staring and touching the fabric, just mesmerized by the little trucks. Not a peep out of him. Got me to thinking that he would just love all kinds of little prints sewn together.


These are so simple to make….sew strips together, cut triangles out using Creative Grids 60 degree triangle ruler. sew the triangles together, fuse to Craft Tex’s pre-cut fusible placemats forms, stitch in the ditch, bind an you’re done. Frankly, nobody should be allowed to have this much fun.

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