Saturday, October 5, 2013

Postcards from the Edge

Did you wonder where I was….quite frankly so have I.  Let me give you a  quick update…..I was three days in Montreal trying to put on a happy face for Dear Hubby as he enjoyed pre season hockey games with his beloved Montreal Canadiens. Nice few days but I can’t get overly excited about a city that doesn't cater to quilting. Not a quilt store to be   found. The highlight for me visiting Montreal is Chicken and Ribs at Bar-B-Barn followed with Carrot Cake.


Let’s fast forward thru another 2 weeks of watching my grandsons…reminder…they are 2 and 4, while Dear Daughter and her hubby were in California for 10 days. The 40 year plague would have been shorter torture… just kidding, well not really, but it was a handful. Dear hubby and I did the night shift while the other set of grandparents  did the day shift. They would pick them up from school and off the bus and feed them dinner.  Frankly they got the better deal. Nana and Papa would pick them up from Grandma and Grandpa’s at about 7 after she feed them. We would take them back to their own house, bath them, and get them settled in for the night. Did I mention that Dear daughter and her hubby had created monsters as far as sleeping arrangements go….they let them sleep in their bed with them.^@($%*%*@$*&   Well I can tell you that that routine stopped in a hurry.

In the morning we would get them up, get them fed, dressed, lunch packed.  Papa would walk Ayden to the bus, then  we would drive Owen to daycare, go back to our house to re-cooperate, and do it all-over again the next day. Throw in laundry, meltdowns over the soother, feeding and letting the dog out, and continual lectures on how big boys sleep in their own beds…well that was pretty much my life for 2 weeks. Dear Eldest daughter helped out on the weekends…but at our place.

I love my kids and adore my grandkids, don’t get me wrong, but I’m old, in fact I’ve aged since those two weeks and it literally took me till now to get back on track.

There is some bright light at the end of this dark tunnel….After 33 years of married life in a double bed….yep….a double bed, night in and night out, Dear Hubby and I went out and bought a king size bed.

While we stayed at our daughters watching the boys we slept in their king size bed and got spoiled. Coming home and trying to sleep in ours was like  having a Cornish hen instead of a turkey for Thanksgiving…you know the feeling…”Not doing that again!”

Plus….and there is always a plus…you can nicely fit One Nana, One Papa and two wonderful grand boys into a King size bed so much easier.

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  1. Guess there is a new king size quilt in your future!