Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Anniversary Tour Day 11

I have fallen in love with Malta. Today our ship docked in Valletta….what a gorgeous place. From the moment we sailed into port, until we left I was mesmerized. The buildings and architecture are beautiful and everything is constructed with  light honey coloured  stone. We visited the Blue Grotto which was the highlight of the day. The pictures don’t even capture the spectacular views or the depths and heights of the coastline.


You take a small boat thru caves worn out in the limestone cliffs and in the caves the reflection onto the water makes it glisten with the most vibrant blue. From there we visited the little fishing village called Marsaxlokk…so quaint…we had a wonderful lunch right along the waterfront. Tonight as we headed across the Mediterranean Sea to Sicily the water was very, very rough. Dear Hubby and I both had to take a sea sickness pill, first time the whole trip. It was quite rough so we called it an early night and had the ship rock us to sleep.

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