Monday, October 7, 2013

Anniversary Tour Day 2

Raindrops keep falling on my head……

Still raining in Venice and the forecast remains the same for the remainder of the week, unfortunately. Makes it difficult to sightsee as almost everything is outdoors here. We did get  a travel pass today which lets you ride the “Vaporetto” or bus  all day long. Dear Hubby was happy as his feet were killing him from yesterday's trek.


Visited Rialto market and the famous Rialto Bridge. The produce was amazing…fresh peppers and sundried tomatoes, fresh fruit and vegetables …..wonderful for the senses.


With all the rain there is quite a bit of flooding…they have these things that look like low wooden tables that people can walk on to cross the flooded areas. Dear Hubby took a few minutes out to enjoy a beer in a local square.  We are looking forward to boarding the cruise tomorrow and hoping that the rain will subside a bit over the next few days. The architecture and atmosphere is amazing here, I can’t even describe how it feels, you would need to be here yourself to experience it. We have found a quaint out of the way restaurant very close to our hotel and have gone there every night for dinner. Fresh salad, homemade soup and pasta….wonderful. I’m hoping that we have good internet connections on board ship (sometimes it can be hit or miss) to continue with the tour highlights, or I will have a great deal of blogging to do when I get home.

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