Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy as a clam at high tide

Gosh we are having such fun here. Last night was the Moda Party,  a customer appreciation event to thank customers for their business throughout the year. The theme this year was a beach/nautical one and even included Robin Williams….or a really good impression of him. This fellow was bang on.


The complimentary event is held at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Houston and the venue was set up for about 2000 guests. The food was wonderful and they had fabulous entertainment for us to enjoy, Hawaiian themed.


A delicious meal featuring salad plus a chicken, potatoes and vegetable entre plus amazing cheese cake ensued along with complimentary spirits.  Michelle and I had a wonderful time and even had the opportunity to personally meet and thank the Owner of Moda, Mark Dunn.


This has been an amazing couple of days so far and right now I’m happier’n than a dog with a dead skunk.

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