Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Anniversary Tour Day 4

Finally no rain!  We had booked a shore excursion today and we were up early to go ashore. 

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We took a chartered boat to the glass factory on Murano Island where they gave a demonstration of glass blowing and glass making followed by a tour of their glass studio and shop. Exquisite….hand blown chandeliers, some valued at 60,000 euro. From there we travelled to the lovely island of Burano which is famous for lace making. There we taken to a shop where they demonstrated it’s art and were able to view some heritage pieces, including a wedding dress, all of lace that took 2 years to complete. Burano was wonderful and picturesque, one of the prettiest places I have visited. Every home is painted a different vibrant color. The homes and businesses line small canals throughout. Fishing boats are moored along the canals and washing hangs from the facades. The bell tower leans here dramatically as well, however we are told it is quite stable.


The muster drill on board for safety was held this afternoon prior to our sailing. The captain appears to have quite a sense of humour. He is on the audio speaker and states that he is totally committed to safety…blah, blah, blah…then states that if he is incapacitated the first officer will take over…if then the first officer is also incapacitated the safety officer will take over…if then the safety officer is incapacitated…you can say you have had better days! LOL

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