Friday, October 25, 2013

Jenny from the Block

Well not from the block, but on my block!  Jenny Doan that is, from Missouri Star Quilt Co.  She is staying at our hotel in Houston. Let me clarify ladies….I am not a stalker…she pulled up outside as we pulled up outside, and it was Michelle’s idea to swarm approach her.


So to bring you up to date….I’m in Houston for Quilt Market with Michelle, my boss, who owns Kindred Spirits Quilt Co. Yep, I’m the luckiest girl on earth, right about now. Four a.m. came really early this morning as we were up and out the door to catch our flight from Buffalo. Changed planes in Chicago and onto Houston, Texas, that is Ya’ll. You know it’s almost winter when they have to de-ice the planes in October….we are sitting on the tarmac in Chicago and the pilot announces we’ll be taking off soon, they are just de-icing prior to take-off. &))(&*^*^)&)  Did I mention I’m not the best flyer.


Michelle and I got settled at the hotel and headed out for lunch at Guadalajara….Yummy with a capital Y. Michelle had a mojito and I had sangria….plus lunch. I opted for Quesadillas and Michelle had Enchilada  abuelita. I am so excited to be here at Market, what an awesome opportunity. Market is the who’s who of the quilting world where everything, literally everything is launched for the upcoming year. So I’m getting the inside scoop as to what will be featured for 2014. Oh I am so excited, I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy, all over…..wait a minute, maybe that’s the sangria. Honest I only had one.

Later in the day we headed off to George R. Brown Convention Centre, where market is held, to line up for “Sample Spree”. Sample Spree can only be described as…. the night before market feeding frenzy. Hundreds of women line up hours in advance of the 8pm opening to wait for the doors to open to a smorgasbord of fabric and patterns the size of  New Hampshire. When they say “Everything is Bigger in Texas”….they mean it. We arrived at 6, 2 hours before the event started and tons of people were already lined up. And they kept coming and coming and coming. The lines behind us were huge. Look at Michelle, waving, she was so excited to be nine hundredth in line! That pic is when we arrived and no one was behind us…you should have seen the crowds a few hours later.


I met and chatted with Debbie Maddy who designed one of my favourite patterns, Labyrinth, which I have taught several times. I also had the privilege of meeting the famous Eleanor Burns. She’s one of my favourite quilting legends as I love her It’s Elementary                beginner series, Mini Dresden plate, Log cabin in a day and the fun turkey runner plus her Oriental fan pattern.

What a fabulous first day! If that was the first day and market isn’t really even officially open, can you imagine what tomorrow will bring!

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