Sunday, October 13, 2013

Anniversary Tour Day 8

Kotor, Montenegro….one of my favourite stops so far. The city is situated at the end of a fiord which took the ship about an hour to travel thru. Unfortunately there was very dense fog this morning so we were unable to see much on the journey in. You almost saw the city awake before your eyes as the fog lifted while we were anchored.

as the fog lifts kotorSAM_7966SAM_7960SAM_7986SAM_7991

As soon as we got off the ship we headed for a trek up the mountain to the Fortress of St. John. It takes an hour to climb up and just about the same to come down again. To add insult to injury, they charge 3 euros to make the climb. I thought I was in pretty good shape before heading up…..NOT.

The church steeple in the pictures is at about the 1/3 mark of your ascent and it gets more painful each step after that. The payoff though, is an amazing and breathtaking view of the city below. Look how small our ship looks in the harbour. At one point we crossed over a little bridge, thrown together with thin sheets of scrap metal with a sheer drop below. At that point there is really no turning back so you are committed to venture on.

After we reached the bottom, we stopped and had a few beers…boy did they go down good. Dear Hubby and I were absolutely drenched in perspiration.  Sauntered around town for another hour or so, seeing the local sights, churches, gates and of course a clock tower.

Awesome day and the scenery and views as we headed out of the fiord to our next port…wonderful.

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