Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ancient Relic Tour Day 9

What a whirlwind day today….Dingli Cliffs and Mdina.

We took a challenging little bus ride today out to Dingli Cliffs…a long drawn out travel, but well worth the trip.The views were spectacular…they say on a clear day you can see Libya, however not today…very hot and hazy.


Did you know that radar was first invented in Malta? It was, during the second world war. Who knew? Did you know that you shouldn’t be near a radar station if you have a pacemaker……I know what you’re thinking….but no, we were safe as Dear Mom does not have one.


What she does have though, is a very small bladder.  We had been walking for some time and the heat is almost unbearable most days. Dear Mom was getting rather tired so I had them sit for a bit while I travelled on ahead to see if the walk would be worth the effort. Dingli  Cliffs is a deserted god forsaken place, had it not been for the views, no one would venture there. It’s almost like you’re in the desert … there is hardly any vegetation, and no inhabitants.

As I’m walking back to meet them , I see Dear Uncle but no Dear Mom…my first thought is “where the hell is she now”, when out from behind a stone wall she pops up…..”I just couldn’t hold it any longer” she chirps…OMG, really? I don’t want to even know.

From Dingli Cliffs we headed back by bus to the city of Mdina. Beautiful. A walled city with a maze of small streets and alleys…you could easily get lost had the city not been so small.


St. Paul’s Cathedral was breathtaking, such architecture, and ornateness.


Let’s see what mischief they can get into tomorrow.

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