Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ancient Relic Tour Day 5

Beautiful Valletta….we took the hotel shuttle into Valletta today and spent the afternoon strolling and wandering through this amazing city. Parts are very steep and much of the ground is uneven so we took extra care to ensure Dear Mom stayed in an upright position.

I am finding it hard to believe that no “incidents” have transpired yet quite frankly. Usually by now, we would have at least brought out the bandage container.

There are unique balconies that dot the facades of buildings, everywhere you look in Valletta.


The harbour is beautiful, a mix of old and new. There was one cruise ship in, however the city was not exceptionally busy.


I love the laundry hanging from balconies, it must dry in no time as the day was very warm. We took a break from walking and hopped on the Valletta Fun Train, an hour tour around the city…I know Dear Mom appreciated the opportunity to sit down and be chauffeured.SAM_0799SAM_0808

We had dinner at a small outside restaurant…Dear Mom didn’t feel like anything substantial and opted for ice cream. I guess at 88 she’s entitled to anything she wants. She did want to try something different and ordered pistachio.


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