Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ancient Relic Tour Day 3

It was nice to have an uneventful day, (fossil wise)…..I need to take advantage of them, as I never quite know how many of them I will be blessed with.

We had a day layover before we fly out to Malta so we took advantage of the day to visit Brighton on the seaside.


The town is lovely with so much to see and do. It was extremely busy with travellers taking advantage of  the great Sunday weather. The pier is the focal point of the area and we walked to the very end….which houses an amusement park. The beach is very interesting, not typical sand but totally covered in smooth stones. A boardwalk, of sorts, lets you walk the length of the beach, dotted with shops, small restaurants, galleries and outdoor cafes to have drinks and fish specialties.


You have to wonder why they would need to post a sign warning people not to jump off the pier….it’s only about 50 feet above the water.


We did have a great day, lots of fun, lots of walking…..and walking.


Best part of the day……the fabulous seaside Fish and Chips…and who could resist the onion rings….

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