Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ancient Relic Tour Day 7

Well the day started off quite well….we are having our breakfast in the formal dining room of the hotel, when all of a sudden dogs start barking…..everyone is looking around and these stupid things keep yipping and yapping until Dear Uncle realizes that the barking is coming from his Iphone. Seems he can set the alarm to a number of ring tones and he chose barking dogs. Not bad enough that now he recognizes it’s his phone, but he just can’t seem to locate it….Is it in his shirt…no, is it in his pants…no…now EVERYONE in the dining room is looking at our table…..finally he finds it in the knapsack he brought……Heaven forbid….

Once that fiasco was finished we headed out to St.George’s Bay….just lovely…then walked around a few bends in the road and came upon St. Julian's. The water was amazingly calm and crystal clear.


Back at the hotel, for dinner we walked to a nearby restaurant called Saracinos….lovely and delicious.


So what was on the menu…..we had vino…of course, bruschetta, Greek salad, tuna steak and chicken curry with rice. Yum!


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