Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ancient Relic Tour Day 16

We are off to Gozo today, the last leg of our journey.

After breakfast today, we took the “lift” like we always do at the hotel(Dear Mom found all the stairs a bit much). We have been using the same elevator for over a week and each time we have, I noticed we would get some strange looks from some of the people we met on it.

Today the door opens and there is a man already on and we go to get in and he asks where we are going….we say 1st floor….he says “you should be using the guest elevator, this is the service elevator for staff”… all the looks make sense! &)(@&#)!

We drove by taxi to the north of the island to catch the ferry to Gozo, a short ride, but the seas were quite rough.  I’m always a little worried as Dear Mom suffers terribly from sea sickness.

We got ourselves checked into the hotel and headed right back out to take another ferry to Comino and the Blue Lagoon. Trouble was it was not a ferry but just a large motor boat. Poor Dear Mom…trying to mange getting on the boat as it moved back and forth from the dock. You literally had to try and make a jump for it….it would come up to the dock with one wave, then go out, then back in, then out and you couldn’t quite judge how far it would sway. At one point I thought Dear Mom was going to do the splits as one leg was on the dock and one leg was on the boat and it started to move away from the dock….her legs were spreading further and further apart, when just in the nick of time the boat swayed back into the dock. First thing she did was get her little bag out just in case….but she managed fine.

It was very busy, hundreds of people enjoying the seaside venue, one of the most popular on the island. Very pretty and the water was wonderful to swim in.  We enjoyed the day, the sun and the sea.


On the way back, the fellow who is driving the boat decides to gun it and we are literally flying over the water, hitting the waves, spray everywhere. Dear Mom and I are sitting near the back where most of the spray was hitting and Dear Mom is getting the worst of it, as she’s closest to the water.  The spray started lightly, but the faster he went and the more waves he crashed through the worse the spray got. One minute I look over and Dear Mom seemed ok and the next her glasses are half over her face, her hair is soaking wet and she has her eyes closed due to all the water. I’m freaking….then I hear her laughing, and laughing….we were going to fast for her to think about sea sickness.

By the time we got to the harbour she looked like a drowned rat….but she was still laughing…Bless her heart.


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