Friday, September 19, 2014

Ancient Relic Tour Day 15

I just can’t believe how the Fossils are co-operating this trip….no issues to speak of really, other than Dear Uncle searching his bags, pants and shirt for his sunglasses, quite in a panic till he finds he’s wearing them already.  Plus after he assured me he had turned off the dog alarm before entering the dining room, the moment we sat down …..Someone let the dogs out! *__*_*_)&*@_!#$*_$& I’m sure the hotel will be happy to see us leave tomorrow!

Dear Mom has been quite good as well….other than accumulating a whole suitcase of pamphlets and brochures, even of places we haven’t been…..oh and then there was the heated discussion of Scottish politics….by the way she was the only one who was heated, neither Dear Uncle or I really cared if the referendum passed.

Today was a chauffeured tour…oh how I love these, as I actually get to relax. We visited the Prehistoric Temples…..IMG_0500IMG_0461

The Blue Grotto, however the sea was far too rough and no boats were attempting the swells. I’m so happy that Dear hubby and I got to do the boat tour on a previous trip.


The salt pans, Marsascala for lunch and then Marsaxlokk…


The Bush-Gorbachev End of the Cold War monument and Dhar Dalam Cave..


Tomorrow we are off to Gozo for the final few days of our trip…maybe a day too soon as Prince William is coming to Malta to celebrate Independence Day and is staying just across the road from us at the Presidential Palace.

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