Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ancient Relic Tour Day 17

The Fossils seem to do much better on the Hop on Hop off mode of transport than the city buses so we have opted to tour that way. I think that they like to know what bus to look for an each stop and that it will take them to something new and exciting to take pictures of.

So the Hop On Hop Off bus it was….and trust me they are not hopping off nor on these things….they are barely getting on and off.

Today went kind of for a scheduling _ _ _ _ (fill in the blank) as we had about 45-50 minutes to catch the next bus at each stop.  Throw in lunch and a bathroom break and you have missed the bus and have to wait another 45-50 minutes…..why is it that they eat so slow? and take so long to pee?

I could have done the island in full on one day, however looks like it will be another full day to get everything seen. Plus we did call it an early day as Dear Mom’s feet and ankles started swelling. She’s never complains, bless her heart, but you could see her steps a little heavier….shame on me, sometimes I forget she close to 90.



Beautiful sights today….Ramla Bay…sand the color of paprika, Ta’Pinu Sanctuary, a beautiful church believed to have miraculous powers(I should have prayed for the Hop on,Hop off to go better)… and my favourite…The Azure Window.  Another full and wonderful day spent with the fossils….everyone should see the world through their eyes.

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