Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ancient Relic Tour Day 10

Even though we have a tour booked in a couple of days that includes Marsaxlokk, Dear Mom wanted to have extra time there so we headed out today, and as it was Sunday, it was market day.IMG_0243IMG_0252IMG_0264


Not only were there vegetables, fruit, spices and fish there were also many stalls selling clothing, shoes and housewares. After seeing the sharks laid out in the market, I’ll probably think twice before getting in the ocean.

The village is very picturesque…colourful boats on the water and the local  parish church anchors the whole village.


We had dinner again tonight at Saracino’s which is right beside the Attard Church and it was a great night for a stroll. The pool area at our hotel is beautiful in the evenings as was the church.


A good day overall until we visited the concierge to get tickets for the bus for Monday. Jokingly I said “we need 2 adults and 1 child”….what I really meant was “we need 1 adult and 2 children”. That got the concierge laughing when Dear Mom pipes up and says that I’m lucky I’m too big to spank. The concierge puts 2 + 2 together and says….”that’s your mother”…….”yes and this is my uncle, they are brother and sister” …..he looks puzzled and I can see the wheels turning so I put him out of his misery…”you thought we were husband and wife?” pointing at Dear Uncle….he smiles sheepishly and laughs….by now Dear Uncle is beaming…..God help me…..married to a fossil*_*)#*_)*&#_)_)*_)*__&^%*(

I think NOT.

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