Monday, September 15, 2014

Ancient Relic Tour Day 11


Today we opted for the Hop On Hop Off  Bus tour to the North…awesome…..I just love a tour where your bus driver will sell you a beers for the trip!

It was a really great tour and you have headphones that give you a ton of historical and interesting information as you go along.

We stopped off at Golden Bay and Bugibba but the rest of the time we just stayed on the bus to see all the sights as the tour takes a full three hours without even getting off.

The Mediterranean is so beautiful with bays and beaches all around the island. There is so much history here, every place you visit has another story or historical relevance.


Dear Sweet uncle, bless his heart…he gets himself in such predicaments. We stopped and had a few drinks at Golden Bay and after any liquid the fossils need to ensure they make a visit to the facilities. Dear Uncle ventures off, then Dear Mom and I figure I might as well go as well. I enter the ladies room and both cubicles are in use. All of a sudden the door opens and out comes Dear Uncle, and without missing a beat he says hi to me and goes to the sink to wash his hands. I indicate that he is in the ladies room…before he can make contact with the sink, he’s all flustered and goes flying out of the room. OMG….these guys are priceless.


Bugibba is quite lovely with a very nice promenade and square surrounded by restaurants and cafes. Dear Mom was out for the count before we even made it back to the hotel…

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