Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ancient Relic Tour Day 6

We ventured back to Valletta today…we just didn’t get enough of it yesterday. I wanted to specifically see the Street of Stairs….not Dear Mom’s favourite activity to do, but she was a good sport…one step at a time. We visited the Lacaris War Rooms, very interesting and the beautiful Upper Barrakka Gardens where Dear Uncle and I sampled the local beer.


I just love all the different doors and entrances that appear every few feet as you walk through small streets and alleys. So picturesque.



My favourite part of the day….the man playing the accordion….the romantic haunting song that filled the alley…all I could think of was Dear Hubby….he plays the accordion…. how I wished it was him sitting there playing it for me. We ended the day with a bit of fun…Dear Mom and Dear Uncle both got caricatures….Oh and did I mentioned we missed our bus stop….that was an adventure _*&_)*_)*#)*!_*#_!*)#_)*_#.


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