Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ancient Relic Tour Day 20


Well we left the beautiful islands of Malta and Gozo and headed home….well part way…to Gatwick Airport. Dear Mom was getting the last few pictures taken before she left forever.

We were reminiscing about the trip over breakfast and I asked Dear Uncle what the most memorable part of the trip was and he said that it had to be when Dear Mom climbed the staircase to the Lookout Tower at Popeye Village.

I was on a village house veranda when I look over to see her starting to climb this gigantic steep, steep staircase. I’m too far away to get to her, but Dear uncle is closer, so I yell over to him to “Stop Her”. It’s too late and she is already on her way up. Dear Uncle hesitates… looking quite confused with the whole scenario (seems he wasn’t confused, he has a fear of heights).

When I see that he has missed the opportunity to stop her, I decide  on a different tactic and yell over again “ Go after here, so you can at least break her fall!”


Now both the fossils are on the staircase to hell. I barrel over there myself….this can’t be happening, this can’t be happening. But it was.

They do get down, in one piece.

As we are reminiscing, Dear Mom gets all pissy and says she wishes that everyone would stop treating her like a 2 year old. I’m just explaining that I’m trying to make my job easier by keeping an eye on her rather than what might be the alternative if I don’t. She does some crazy shit…just cause you don’t feel 88 doesn’t mean you’re not 88. I told her I imagined the Headlines in the local newspapers….



People would say…weren’t her children watching her at the time?

So needless to say, I needed alcohol, so look at what  found…


What a novel idea, prepacked glasses of wine. OMG what will they think of next. I’m sitting in the hotel room,sipping my high tech, plastic glass rose’ wine, both the fossils fast asleep and I feel like I should be in a trailer park*_*_*&**_)*_$#*_)*@

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there's no place like home.

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