Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ancient Relic Tour Day 12

It was nice to have a break from tour guiding for the fossils today and have someone else do it for me. We had booked a tour before we left and it was great to be chauffeured around and have commentary from a guide for the day.

We covered a lot of ground…..Mosta Dome, Mdina, Rabat, Ta’Qali Craft Village and the San Anton Gardens.



Mosta Dome Church was amazing…there are 2 clocks on each tower…they say to confuse the devil as to what time masses are held. This is called the miracle church as a bomb crashed through the dome during the Second World War while 300 of the congregation were in the church and the bomb did not explode. They have a replica of the bomb in the church and you could actually see where the hole in the dome had been.


We got up close and personal with the prickly pear, were in awe at Mdina from a distance and had fun putting Dear Uncle in the stocks at the dungeon.


The fossils were enjoying free samples of nougat, the filigree displays were remarkable and St. Paul Grotto was an incredible piece of Malta history.

We find we are quite exhausted when we get back to the hotel at night…I’m sure a combination of much walking and the incredible heat and sun.

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