Saturday, September 1, 2012

Great Britain Fossil Expedition Day 3



Bit of a day today…travelled from London to St.Ives and you know…best laid plans….*)(&&%*^*&  Caught the train, however ( note to self…book reserved seats next time)  no seats available unless you reserved or were in 1st class. Did manage to find a seat for Dear Mom as that would have been a nightmare if she had to stand for 6 hours on the train.  It did end up working out all right. Uncle and I stood for about 1/2 hour then did find small pull down seats small isn’t the word, barely one cheek fit on these things, then someone showed us that there were a few unreserved seats which we were able to sit in. To make a very long story short, did arrive in St.Ives and did get settled in our lovey cottage. We’re calling it the Ikea Cottage as it looks like it’s out of a Ikea catalogue…too cute. It’s good to be settled now for the week. We dined at the Sloop Inn, very quaint, very had to go to the bar to order your food, plus pay in advance…? Uncle and I had the special…roast beef, Yorkshire, roast potatoes, and veggies…Plus Chocolate desert ( and after the day we had..I needed chocolate) plus if you bought two specials at 9.95 pounds each, you got a free bottle of red wine…what a deal!  The desert was a chocolate cake with pudding drizzled on it plus a huge scoop of clotted cream on the side.  That’s what they call it…clotted cream. Almost wants to make you gag just saying it. I did try it and could almost feel my arteries clogging with each bite. It tastes like whipped butter…but it was awesome with the cake and there was not a trace left on the plate….help call 911. We walked to the local co-op store, picked up a few things for breaky and lunch and headed back to the cottage. Shopping here really makes me appreciate the wonderful selection of grocery and food we have back home…we are truly spoiled. I will never again say…” They want how much for a 10 pound bag of potatoes”.)  Fossils did well today considering the trip and the walking…both are fast asleep tucked in their beds. Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.

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