Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Glasgow Memories Fossil Tour Day 15

We’ll I am on the final leg of my journey with the fossils. We stayed last night at the Renaissance Pancras Hotel in London, before taking the train up to Glasgow. Glasgow is where my Dear Mom and Uncle were raised .  We were given a Chambers Room to stay in last night and our room overlooked Pancras Train Terminal. It was amazing, definitely a room with a view. Managed to get just a bit of shopping in before heading out and captured to Fossils in front of Fossil’s , how appropriate.


It was a bit of a nightmare with the fossils this morning when we got back to our room…we were all packed to catch the train to Glasgow so I thought, when Uncle could not find his Visa card.  I can’t believe how much stuff can ensue with these two.  It was all downhill from there. We had left an hour to get from the hotel by taxi to Euston Station to catch our train. As Uncle is finishing his final packing he can’t locate his Visa card….then all hell breaks loose. All his bags are unpacked, every nook and crannie checked, front desk called to see if its been turned in, every envelope and wallet opened…still no card. Now panic is setting in, and scampering starts, back and forth from suitcase to carry on, from carry on to suitcase…I was getting dizzy just watching…it’s the only time he has really moved quick this whole trip. It was like watching Fred Astaire.  Dear Mom and I start pitching in. Now there is crap everywhere. I’m looking at my watch thinking…” We are gonna miss our train”. Finally the sweetest words to a nerve racked fossil tour guide ”found It”.  OK people, now we have 20 minutes to get to the train,  quick, everything into the bag!  No you can’t fold it, just throw it all in, can’t fit that jacket, looks like you’ll be wearing it!  Fossils, I have learned this trip, are always putting things in safe places. Unfortunately, they can never remember where the safe place is! 


Did make it to the train in time, and had a relaxing trip up to Glasgow. Very pretty scenery on the way. I was surprised at how  the landscape changed from London. Everything is wonderfully green with sheep on the hillsides everywhere.  The next few days should be great as the fossils will be showing me pieces of their childhood and memories of their lives.

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  1. You just crack me up with the fossil jokes! Bless your heart for taking them!