Monday, September 10, 2012

Chunnel Crossing Fossil Tour Day 13


I need to get some valium and quick before I have a nervous break down.  You would not believe what happened today, even when I tell you….this kind of stuff only happens in the movies!

The Fossils and I decided to spend the next couple of days using the L’Open Bus to get around Paris. These are double decker buses that stop at the major sites and you can hop on and off.  Very reasonable, easy to utilize and easy to locate.  We saw the sights all day,  hopped on, hopped off, had lunch, and saw the main sites we wanted to visit. Mom was sitting across from me in a set of seats that face each other with a table in between, like the set ups you see on trains. Just 1 stop from where we were to get off to go back to the hotel the bus driver slams on the brakes to miss a car and poor Dear Mom goes flying out of her seat and gets wedged under the table. Everyone is flailing around, screaming, its like a scene from Titanic. When the shit settles, Dear Mom’s still trying to get herself up, but her breasts are jammed under the lip of the table and she can’t pry herself out. The young girl sitting next to her manages to help her up. Mom’s shaken up, no doubt, I’m freaking and Uncle’s having a stroke. ^(*^(*^$%*% . I notice that Mom has cut her hand during the mayhem and it’s bleeding. The girl sitting next to mom, gets out her backpack and hands us an antiseptic wipe and a couple of bandages, which was so kind of her.  She is with her kids, so of course the bandages are kid friendly. Shaken and stirred, Dear Mom got off the bus and we managed to get her settled down and bandaged up. Don’t you just love the Tweety Bird look on her. Poor Mom, she really has had a ____ kickin this trip. I prayer to god this crap doesn’t come in threes.

Before all this excitement, we did have a wonderful day sightseeing and enjoyed Paris crepes.  We were going to go to the top of the Eiffel tower, however the wait was 2 hours.

SAM_3876 SAM_3926SAM_3933


Paris is such a beautiful city, I can’t describe how it feels to be here, to see the amazing sites with two amazing Fossils.

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