Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Glasgow Memories Fossil Tour Day 21

It started off not a bad day today, we were travelling to Williamwood and Giffnock to see the old haunts of Dear Mom and Uncle when they were young. Took the subway, then boarded the train to Williamwood. Half way there the train stops and the conductor states that there has been a power failure and the train can go no further. We have the choice to get off or travel back to Glasgow for a ticket refund. Well, there is no way we are going back without seeing the haunts….so off we get. This presents a bit of a challenge as I don’t know where the hell I am, nor where to go and the fossils, even with once having lived here, have no clue either. It’s like the blind leading the blind. We walked to the main street, close to the train, and asked another set of fossils how to get the bus to Williamwood. Soon we were off. Uncle and Dear Mom had only ever travelled by train so the bus ride to the area was very foreign to them. We were dropped at the nearest bus stop and had to rely on the local folk to give us directions. Unfortunately we were sent the wrong way and ended up  walking in the freezing cold for about a 1/2 hour.  We did manage to find a tea shop to have lunch, tea and further guidance. Poor Dear Mom was so cold, she couldn't feel her toes in her shoes and they kept flipping off as she walked. ( I think she’s lost 10 pounds and shrunk 3 inches since the start of the trip)…poor thing.  We were still well away from where we needed to be so we opted to take a cab.



Best idea ever…it was like having a tour guide, and the cabbie was awesome, taking us around to each archaeological site. We saw the home where they lived, the bridge over the burn where they took a shortcut to school, Giffnock School, and Orchardhill Church where Dear Mom married my dad 46 years ago. You could see how much they enjoyed seeing the places that meant so much when they were young.

Poor fossils were absolutely exhausted by the time we got back to the flat.


Tomorrow we head home to Canada…I love them dearly, but can’t wait to see my family. We were discussing the flight home and the number of hours it will take.  Dear Mom wanted to know why it takes longer going back …I mentioned that to was shorter to fly over than to fly home as we had tail winds coming over, the flight is slightly longer going home due to head winds. Uncle bless his heart adds

“ and of course the time change too”……got to love em!

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  1. I loved your Fossil Tour. Thank you.

    Next week, I am welcoming my niece, her 2.5 year-old, her 8-week old, and MY MOTHER, 84 years old.

    Love them all!
    Pray for me.