Thursday, September 6, 2012

Great Britain Fossil Expedition Day 8

I almost had a minor heart attack today…Dear Mom fell while walking on the cobblestones in Truro today. We thought it would be nice to take a day trip to the Cathedral City and shopping area in Truro. Just got off the bus and were walking to Marks and Spencer when 1 minute I look and Dear Mom is there the next she’s lying flat out on the ground. Literally I thought I was having a heart attack, I imagined the absolute worst, and while it was horrible, she seems to be ok now. She had to sit for a while to catch her breath and we were checking for cuts as her skin is paper thin. Fortunately nothing broken, all skin intact, just knees bruised and swollen along with her pride no doubt.
Later as we were walking an elderly English lady approached mom and asked if she was alright. Quite sweet of her to do. If you can imagine this actual conversation with a strong English country accent with the woman not taking and breaths in between, you may see the humour in it. “ Oh my, are you alright my dear? I saw you take your tumble and I thought, oh my lord. Are you alright my dear. Then after you fell I saw another lady go flying, tumbled right down. It’s because of these cobblestones you know. Thank god the paramedics are here today. Are you sure you’re alright my dear, not hurt are you. I thought, oh my god I can only take 2 people falling today, I can.  Are you sure you’re alright my dear?”
 Plus, you have to remember that my mom is deaf  and I don’t think reading lips was an option in this case. It seems Dear Mom faired much better than the other lady. She hit her head was bleeding and had to be take away in an ambulance with a concussion. It was really quite a fright for all of us. Now after the initial shock, we have been able to laugh about it, even Dear Mom…so don’t think I’m a terrible daughter for continuing with the blog writing. Dear Mom likes to read the nightly posts. She pretends to swat me, says I’ll get mine, then laughs all through the reading of it.  I told her I’d have plenty of ammunition from the fiasco today….like you could say Dear Mom took Shop till you Drop to a whole new level.  I told her that we would have to slow down a bit more when we walk so we have no more reoccurrences of today…( if we were any slower we would be in reverse).
Once Mom regained her walking legs, we did visit the Cathedral in Truro.  It was breathtaking, fabulous architecture, phenomenal stained glass and believe it or not…wonderful flying geese tiled floor. It’s the closest I’ve come to quilting since I left St.Catharines for the trip.
Appears to have been an exhausting day for the fossils, five minutes into the bus ride home they were both down for the count.
Today I might have committed suicide had I not been so worried as to how they would get home without me. I'm exhausted... and only another 2 weeks to go!

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