Monday, September 3, 2012

Great Britain Fossil Expedition Day 5

It’s like having little ones around again with the fossils. They are into bed by 9pm at the latest. Plus they are up about every four to six hours during the night for potty training. Then up early at 6am-7am for breaky. Wow I thought I was finished with this once my kids grew up. I’m re living those days of  sleepless nights, early feedings and kids underfoot all the time.  No wonder I slept in till 10 today. I’m sure it isn’t jetlag but shear exhaustion from trying to do everything in slow motion. Really, it hasn’t been that bad and maybe it’s a good thing for me to slow down, relax and stop to smell the roses  ocean.

Some of you know that I have a Westie named Jock pining for me at home. It’s been fun to see all the Westies here in St.Ives. I’ve had fun taking their pictures and meeting them with a pat and a scratch.SAM_3335SAM_3343

Today we visited the Tate Gallery, strolled through the streets, shopped for shortbread and scones at the local bakery and had an amazing day enjoying the beautiful views that abound.


The fossils did have a good day today as well. Maybe it’s just that they have their days and nights mixed up? Maybe they’ll sleep through the night tonight!

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