Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Great Britain Fossil Expedition Day 7

We spent the day again wandering, exploring and strolling for hours. Watched the tide go out then come in again, even saw a seal at the harbour, along with fishermen bringing in their catch. Everyday is different and unique. Spent quite a bit of time at the St.Ives Museum, which rivals any good museum in Canada believe it or not.  Unfortunately we were unable to take pictures. They have these fabulous pastry pies stuffed with all kinds of fillings such as steak and ale, broccoli and cheese or spicy chicken just to name a few. Everyone eats them along the beachfront. We ordered three for dinner last night. YUM!. I was corrected by the fellow at the museum… they are called Pasties, I pronounced it Paste...ties and he said they were called Paw…ties. He looked at me like I was a complete idiot and rightly so as after I realized that Paste..ties are adhesives that women put over their nipples so they don’t show!  OMG*()@&*)&!)&$)(. Fossils had another good day of it, however Dear Mom was a bit scary today taking to a seagull, kind of like the Bird Woman of Alcatraz, problem was it went on for so long the seagull started talking back!…”Come along now Mom, time to go.”



This evening we took a local bus tour to the Minack Theatre out past Land’s End to see the production of The 39 Steps. Very comical with lots of British slapstick. If you have a bucket list, this is a place that should definitely be on it. It’s like an old Roman Theatre, carved out into the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Quite breathtaking.SAM_3567SAM_3569SAM_3568

Did scare the crap out of myself tonight. Went to the dresser and mirror to comb my hair before bed ( Dear Mom already asleep in her bed, we’re sharing a room) looked down on the dresser and her teeth and ears hearing aids were neatly laid out on a towelette. Yikes!

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