Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chunnel Crossing Fossil Tour Day 14


Hard to believe that this is our last day in Paris. It has been a wonderful few days. I can see why Paris is my daughter’s favourite city, she stayed in Paris for 3 weeks a few years ago and fell in love with it, and so have I. Our Eurostar Train did not leave till 6:13 so we had a little bit of time to see some final sites. We have had great weather the last few days, however today it rained most of the day. Prepared with our umbrellas, we headed for Musee D’Orsay. We bought a “skip the queue pass” at the hotel and were able to go right in. I felt sorry for the line-up of tourists waiting in the rain just to buy tickets. The museum is fabulous… situated in what was previously a train station. Amazing architecture! I managed to get a picture of a little boy standing in front of the massive window clock that is housed there. We were able to view the Impressionist collection of paintings, quite wonderful. My favourite was the pointillism section. We even saw many of Van Gough’s famous pieces.The Fossils were in heaven as they are both artists themselves. Unfortunately, no photography is allowed of them.

Speaking of the fossils….I was a little surprised to find that in France PAY toilettes are the norm. Typically from .20 euros to .30 euros per tinkle.  I know that as you age the frequency of having to visit the loo increases. I know this, as I am aging as well.  I wish I had known that the frequency of going to the loo increases exponentially the closer you get to the 80-90 age gap.  I should have brought an extra 100 euros just to cover the expense of all the trips to the toilettes. The first day in Paris I found myself running around like an idiot trying to get bills changed to coins to accommodate the loo machines. Honestly, I think the Fossils thought we were on a gambling holiday, and that the loos were some sort of fancy French slot machine.  It got to the point that I was telling them they couldn’t have afternoon tea, for fear I would run out of coins.

We are off to Glasgow for Uncle’s reunion tomorrow. Looking forward to more adventures with the fossils over the next few days. They will be in their element as they both grew up there.

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