Thursday, September 13, 2012

Glasgow Memories Fossil Tour Day 16




It is truly amazing how smooth a day can go when the fossils stay out of trouble and behave themselves. Today seemed like a breeze compared with the onslaught of fiascos they brought the last  few weeks. Dear mother says to me yesterday…”Do you wear cream on your face? You should be putting night cream on you know, you’re starting to get quite a few lines”……)*_)*&(*&(*^)*….I wanted to tell her that before I started this trip I was virtually wrinkle free, but didn’t have the heart. Instead I told her that I’m ok with aging rapidly.  I keep thinking that if  I have aged so much in 2 weeks can you imagine what another 7 days will bring.  My biggest fear is that when I get off the plane in another week my own family won’t recognize me.  I’m almost confident  I will be helped off the flight in either a wheelchair or a box whichever comes first.

Do you remember the escapade with Uncle’s Visa card?….All for none I say as he tried to use it several times since finding it in London and it has been declined both times. Maybe he called in to report it lost, then forgot he had! *())(*&^*&^*&  Just kidding, we think it’s because they were upgrading him to a platinum card just before he left and they have cancelled the Gold when they issued the new. At any rate, it has to wait for the mystery to be solved as we can’t get through to the number they give you on the back of the card…typical.

All these one offs of things not going smoothly are disconcerting for the fossils…it’s like Dear Mom saying she made a list of things to pack and ticked them off as she put them in the suitcase, then to find she didn’t have any toothpaste when she got here, but she knows it was on the list. Thank god I brought extra toothpaste, but forgot that damn wrinkle cream!

We walked to see Uncle’s school as a boy, Glasgow Academy. Uncle is here for his school reunion tomorrow. That should be rather fun don’t you think. Just won’t be 2 fossils it will be a whole group of them.  I can’t wait…. it’s more fun than a body should be allowed to have.

We did take the subway, without incident I may add, to Buchanan Street to the shopping district and had a nice time browsing. Dear Mom did get a couple of nice sweaters, a couple of new books to read and Uncle bought her a very pretty scarf. In the shop, John Lewis, I did come across some Amy Butler fabric…very pretty selection, but still too expensive for me to splurge on. It is very different here, fabric is mostly sold in sections of department stores, rather than specialty fabric stores like we have back home.

Wish me luck tomorrow!  Please don’t say break a leg….I just couldn’t handle anything more!

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