Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chunnel Crossing Fossil Tour Day 12


I hope you know, I can’t make this crap up. Dear Mom looks at this weather outlook card the hotel leaves ( so guests know what the weather will be the next day) and says….”We better take our coats and umbrellas to Juno Beach as its going to rain, then get cold” )*_)*)(&*&)&….OMG , give me strength…the sad thing… Uncle agrees with mom after she shows him the card and says “I’ll look out my umbrella”… I said..”GIVE ME THAT THING!” When I explained the card to them and that it typically doesn’t snow in Paris in September they both started killing themselves laughing….Really?

We were up at an early 6am for our trek to Juno Beach. Two hours by train to Caen, then a 30 minute taxi ride to Juno ( very expensive…65 euros one way just for the taxi)  visited from 12-5 then did the reverse trip back. Did not get back to out hotel til 10pm. Very emotional day for Dear Mom and for me too. Saw my Dad’s memorial brick, he served in WWII from 1939-1946. It brought back many memories for my mom, but  had been on her bucket list so I’m glad we saw it together.

SAM_3791 SAM_3793SAM_3794

There was a wonderful poppy quilt exhibited at the site. Beautifully quilted…donated by Lynda Munroe and Lynda Davidson from Ontario.


Fossils are all conked out tonight after such a long day, up early, lots of walking, tons of fresh air and floods of emotions. We need lots of rest as we are sightseeing in Paris tomorrow.

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