Friday, September 14, 2012

Glasgow Memories Fossil Tour Day 17

We are staying at a nice self catering flat in Glasgow quite close to Uncle’s school. It’s nice as we have ben able to cook our own meals and have a good breakfast before heading out each day. Dear mom is having breakfast today and I watch her have an apple then her Activia yogurt…”Hey mom that’s quite a bit of fibre for one day ”…she sits there with a straight face and says….” well some days you need gunpowder”. LOL  She goes on to say that we better make sure we know where the washrooms are located today…..Uncle chokes on his coffee when I state we may need to find a bunker instead!…… Nice start to the morning.
Today is Uncle’s reunion. He’s been up since 6am getting ready and the event doesn’t start till 10. We arrive at the school and the festivities start. Everything is well orchestrated and planned out with a meet and greet in the library, then a tour of the school, a concert in the hall, followed by a luncheon.
I am now surrounded by not just 2 fossils but 60 additional ones…suddenly I’m feeling weak at the knees….by the way a group of fossils are called fossilites.  Try and imagine the scenario…they are all white haired, well those that have hair, most are deaf as doornails, they are all wearing nametags, they are all reading everyone’s name tags cause they can’t recognize anyone anymore, and they are all shuffling.  Honest it’s like being in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.
So we start the tour…they have asked student prefects at the school to give the tours.  Each tour consists of 1 teenage student guide and a group of 8 fossilites. It starts off ok, then goes to hell in an hand basket. Some fossils can’t recognize their tour guide and wander off into another group, now you have 12 in one group and 4 in another. Then one sees someone that they do recognize and wanders off from his group to another  to chat. Some are stopping and just gazing and their tour leaves without them. Some are wandering into classrooms, sitting down and listening to the lecture.  So we started with approximately 7 groups of 8  and ended up with sheer chaos. It was quite comical to watch.  Somehow they all managed to shuffle their way to the hall for the concert, which was lovely as was the lunch that followed.  Lunch came back to bite me in the ass was chicken stuffed with GAGis haggis but they had a vegetarian option of  a pastry stuffed with some sort of vegetable sauce, so I pretended I was a vegetarian…trouble was when they served desert, they remembered I was a vegetarian and brought my sticky toffee pudding without ice cream….damn! That’ll teach me.
All in all a wonderful day for Uncle to meet up with old school chums and reminisce. I could see how much he enjoyed his day. They all got together in front of the school for a reunion picture, what a wonderful memento to have of the day.
Tomorrow we get to do it all over again, oh joy, as they are all meeting at the art gallery for a tour.  Yippee!

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