Sunday, September 2, 2012

Great Britain Fossil Expedition Day 4

Lovely little things to see around town today. Everything was interesting, unique and really special to see for the first time. So many cute eye catching scenes and novelties. Here are a few….SAM_3288SAM_3290SAM_3294



Fossils had a good time today visiting their Art Galleries, wandering, sauntering, mingling, tinkling and taking pictures.  This is what most of my day was like with them….

SAM_3313God kill me now…we’re only at day 4…17 more to go. You know those signs that tour operators hold up to make sure their group stays together and knows where to go at airports…well I’m getting one printed tomorrow marked…..FOSSIL TOUR.  I had to keep pulling them out of the way of  oncoming traffic. It’s like a tour with zombies…they’re in a trance with all the things to see. Gotta love em’.

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