Sunday, September 16, 2012

Glasgow Memories Fossil Tour Day 19


Oh the things you see at the train station first thing in the morning. Today we were travelling to see my Dear Mom’s School friend in Clarkston. I was surprised to see pigeons in the station just walking around, but even more surprised to see a grown man walking around in a "” hey mom was that a guy in a tiger suit”…..”no dear I think it was leek soup” ….and this from the woman who wears 2 hearing aids….how do you get leek soup from tiger suit I have no idea…..I’m sitting here in horror wondering what else she has heard wrong on this trip. No wonder it takes an hour to order from the menu.

Dear Mom’s school friend of 76 years took us to a lovely little tea room in Eaglesham called The Wishing Well.  Violet and Mom met at Giffnock School when Dear mom was 10 and they have stayed friends through all those years. They have written to each other faithfully and Dear Mom has been back to visit 3 times and Violet came to Canada to visit twice. It was fun to watch them reminisce and laugh about their school days.

I also found out that I come from a family of kleptomaniacs.  The day of the reunion Uncle retrieved our coats from the cloakroom after the event and brought them to us. That would have been fine, however I didn’t wear a coat. To make matters worse he thought I was joking with him and would not give the coat back. Once he finally realized that he had pinched it, he was horrified. Later we heard that there was a very angry fossil school chum, crazed, as he thought he had forgotten where he put his jacket. That would have been painful to watch. Today as we are leaving the tea room, Dear Mom decides she’ll get everyone their coats and brings Uncle his. Only it isn’t his coat and then everyone is in a dither to return it to the rightful owner.  I think that picking up trinkets and treasures is a favourite pastime of most fossils. Dear Mom  has accumulated so many pamphlets, tickets, brochures,  maps, menus and slippers (did you know that the fancy hotels in London and Paris give you little slippers to wear around your rooms during your stay)((do the math…5 nights X 3 persons = 15 pairs of identical white slippers))… we now need to buy a new suitcase just to get all the crap home to Canada.  When we go through the security check I’m gonna pretend I don’t know her when the alarm goes off.


It was very sad to say good bye to Violet today, knowing that more than likely it would be the last time they see each other in their lifetimes. Must be wonderful to have a friendship that spans almost eight decades.

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