Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3 Weeks Away, 2 Weeks To Recuperate



We’ll it’s taken me a few weeks to recuperate from the fossil expedition. 

I’m back to my normal routine again, quilting for customers, teaching at the quilt store, working on some new samples, watching my grandsons and Dear Hubby making me go to the YMCA  for my daily workout.

Talked to Dear Mom last night….LOL….she had asked me to write down the sequence to locate my blog on the internet last week. Strange, as she was so worried that her friends would see her recent fiascos on the internet!  Last night she tells me that she mentioned my blog to her friends at her painting class and wanted me to confirm that what she told them was right……she says…” goggles, then 395 days of the wonders” &)Dog face*^*%^*$&$&%$& OMG   too funny!

No problem at all that her friends will ever find the info!

These are quilt art boards in our garden …Dear Hubby cut the boards and put the frames together, then I painted the simple quilt designs on them. Fun for bare spaces on the backyard fence.

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