Saturday, October 13, 2012

Look Mom, no lines!


I’ve had this Angler Tool for quite a while, but forgot about it. I recently started to make a quilt that called for those corner triangles…you all know the ones…..where you have a square and draw a line across it diagonally, then you sew on the line, cut and fold back. They are a pain, especially if you have tons to do…you end up drawing and drawing lines, before you can even get started. The pattern I was working on calls for 36 corner triangles. I dug out my Angler and put it to good use.

SAM_4258 Position the angler on your machine using the guide.

 SAM_4259Sew from corner to corner following the centre line on the Angler.

SAM_4261Voila…no lines to draw.

SAM_4263Cut off the excess fabric leaving 1/4 inch.

SAM_4264Press towards the triangle.


SAM_4265How simple was that, and no tedious line drawing!

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