Friday, August 31, 2012

The Great Britain Fossil Expedition Day 2


A little jet lagged but no worse for wear yet. Had a quick nap at the hotel then headed to Windsor to visit the Queen!  Well she was there but of course we didn’t see her.  My mom and the Queen are the same age so mom thinks she has a special connection to her. She is always comparing how well she has been preserved against the one who wears the crown. Actually my mom has faired much better. We had a lovely late lunch at The Drury House, met a sweet young waitress who had when young, played Frisbee with Prince William and Harry and met Princess Di. It was like meeting a celebrity for the fossils, they were so excited. We learned much more history about the Drury House than we had wanted to, as it had been the quarters of  a Nell Gwynn, the favourite mistress of King Charles II. They even showed us the secret tunnel he used to get laid  to the premise. Seems to run in the family with males named Charles!


We watched the swans being fed on the Thames, huge numbers, quite amazing to see. Fossils love nature, so that was time well spent.  Headed back to the hotel, had a quick swim, and am ready to crash! Here’s the fossils Dear mom and uncle enjoying the day.


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