Monday, August 20, 2012

Deja vu


OMG…I’m reliving the nightmare…remember last October when Dear Hubby changed our kitchen taps and we were without water and taps for more than a few days… well to make a long story short, we did get the new tap installed. Even though we bought what we thought was a good brand, less than a year later, the tap was leaking, the tap swivel didn’t work properly anymore and you had to play with it to find the hot water. So….Dear Hubby decided to replace it yet again.  I dreaded the thought of being without water and taps again like last time but even I was at wits end with the tap. 

Miracles do happen….cause Dear Hubby managed to install this tap in record time…less than half an hour and no drips.


Love it…thanks Dear Hubby

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