Friday, August 31, 2012

The Great Britain Fossil Expedition Day 1


I thought it would be appropriate that I get tartan toes for my trip to the UK. My Dear Hubby says I’m never home…what the ____ is his problem. The last time I was away was with him!….oops I’m mistaken, I was away to The Checkers Annual Event with the girls from Kindred Spirits Quilt Co. a few weeks ago. Really, is he keeping track? You can’t really count this trip as it’s with my 86 year old mother and her 77 year old brother.  I know…what was I thinking…A fossil trip? Do I really need the hassle at my age.

This all started with my mother wanting to take one last trip back home. She was under the impression that it would be safe for an 86 year old woman to spend 3 weeks abroad gallivanting by herself. I don’t think so!  I said very little at first as sometimes she just jabbers on. She was going to backpack *_*(*^(*^)*  plus stay in youth hostels ))(&^*^*&)(… that’s why they call them youth hostels not fosstels. I’m was beginning to wonder if she had a touch of dementia coming on, until she came to her senses and indicated that she realized she couldn’t go by herself. To the rescue comes the favourite daughter who for what ever lapse in judgement at that split second said….I’ll take you.  Then it was to include her brother as well whose school reunion was being held at the same time.  It’s the 60th reunion for the school…really how can they hold a 60th reunion? Would there be that many students that would be able to get there or are even still living, plus most of them won’t be able to remember anything anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that cynical and I do know that one of these days I will get old too but today I sit here wondering…why did I book that plane ticket. So the plan is that we fly from Toronto to London, do Windsor, head to St. Ives for a week, back to London, over to Paris for 4 days, back to London, and then up to Glasgow for the last week. I’m exhausted already, let alone herding the fossils this way and that, I’ll be hoarse before the second day from yelling cause they’re both deaf, plus I’ll probably get an ear infection from wearing ear plugs cause my mom snores worse than Dear Hubby.  I must be crazy!  Mother Dear even asked the travel agent if they could cremate her in the UK if something happened so that I would have an easier time to bring her back…REALLY

So…Enjoy the show  fossil expedition with me!

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