Friday, August 24, 2012

An apple a day


I had always wanted to try an apple core quilt but was always daunted by the scalloped edge and the curved piecing. I finally overcame the fear and was pleasantly surprised at how simple it actually was to do. With a little patience, and good marking of points on the curved pieces, the pattern went together quite well. We have done a nice size table runner to showcase the applecores and will be offering it as a class at Kindred Spirits Quilt .  The fabric line is  Stonehenge and it looks amazing in it. I did a simple line quilting through out the runner and the saying “less is more” is so true when it came to the quilting as it shows off the curves quite nicely. The curved edge was fairly simple to bind as well using  2 .25 inch binding as apposed to 2.5 inch… and of course bias binding.


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