Monday, July 23, 2012

Homeward Bound-Day 19


Left Victoria today on the ferry and started to head home. Dear Hubby was on a mission today, so no quilts shops. We are making our way to Lake Louise and Banff .  On the way, we’re deciding we might try the tent tonight at the KOA in Revelstoke. The temps are cooler and it would just be for the night. As we are about 10 miles out of Revelstoke we see this huge billboard…something like “explore the beauty of Revelstoke”…..sounds awesome right…..NOT….the billboard shows this wonderful valley full of wildflowers with the mountains in the backdrop and as we look closer a huge Grizzly is  frolicking in the meadow. Dear Hubby and I looked at each other and said “Hope they have a cabin”.  Wow we are such chicken ____s.  After we picked up supper we had a close encounter with a deer, ran right out in front of the truck, then sauntered by the side of the road to eat.  We also saw the biggest cloud… ever.  Just gigantic.  I think my son once told me clouds like that are thunderheads?  Turns out he was right…we got settled at the cabin, Dear Hubby no sooner got the campfire going and it thundered and lightning and poured rain. Murphy’s law!

Hope you enjoy a few more pics of the Sisters Quilt Show.



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