Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Destination-Oregon…Road Trip…Day 1



Today is Day 1 of our Oregon Road Trip. Several months back I mentioned to dear hubby about a fabulous quilt show held in Sisters Oregon each year, never thinking he would ever consider knowing he would jump at the chance to go. At first he just grunted said that it would be a long way to go for a quilt show. AND YOUR POINT IS?  A few weeks later, out of the blue he says, lets go, we’ll do a road trip, go right out west to the coast, up to Vancouver, then home again. This would be quite a trip as we live in southern Ontario. You don’t have to ask me twice, I’‘m in, and so the planning began. I hope you stay tuned as we make our way across North America. It  will be quite the ride as we are driving and purchased a “truck tent” ( fits in the back of your truck bed)  God that sounds so redneck  to camp a few times cause we’re cheap to save money. If we survive each other the heat, bears and gas prices it will be a miracle. Dear hubby just might come home in a box, and I don’t mean truck. So to celebrate the trip I had a pedicure and of course you’ve got to get a design. The girl must of thought I was nuts sentimental when I asked for a camping scene with mountains, pine trees and a tent. She tried her best, bless her heart. Anyway I’m stuck with it cause she added 3 topcoats.  OMG I should have had wax treatment done as well do I really have that much hair on my toes?

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