Thursday, July 5, 2012

Destination Oregon-Road trip Day 2



We are well on our way and I am all set. I love my Tom Tom. Just by fluke when I was downloading new maps to it I came across a download for Quilt Shops. It was like I won the lottery! You just press quilt shops close to your location and voila..4200 in total. Dear hubby was not impressed.  He was just ticked cause there wasn’t a download for hockey stores. No quilt stores were visited today as it was the 4th of July and not much was open. Besides that you wouldn't have ventured outside air conditioning today as it was sweltering. Look at the temperature on the dashboard…39 degrees and that was late in the afternoon.


We passed thru Michigan and Indiana and planned on using our tent in a KOA we had booked in Granger. Once we arrived to check in we were dying from the heat. The fellow at the KOA asked us if we would be interested in upgrading to an air-conditioned cabin…HELL YES.

At this rate, temperature wise, not sure we will get to use the tent!


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