Thursday, July 19, 2012

Going Coastal-Day 16

We are slowly making our way back to Canada. We headed up the coast through Washington State. Lovely little fishing villages dot the coast. Lot’s of logging trucks on the roads and as we head north, we are back into the mountains and forests. Dear Hubby was a gem today and I got to see two quilts shops. I only had to whine, pout and stomp my feet  ask nicely. He rolled his eyes, but then complied. He did get to his hockey store in Everett and I let him buy his Everett Silvertips jersey, so he was a happy camper  cabin-er.
First shop was Bayside Quilting in Olympia. OMG this store is to die for. They have sample quilts everywhere and all their quilts are kitted and in bins that are numbered so it’s really easy to find what you are looking for. They had a whole display of Christmas quilts, Christmas in July, fancy that!  I did pick up a couple of patterns and strapping for bags which I couldn’t find elsewhere.  They had a large display of pantographs, but I thought I should quit while I was ahead.
The next store was in Everett…called The Needle & I. Very nice shop with a good variety of patterns and fabric. I did pick up a set of EZ rulers I’d been looking for. The store even had a pattern for making umbrellas. They were so cute hanging throughout the store.  They had the umbrella frames available and carry a spray that makes the fabric waterproof once it’s completed. They teach a class for it…what a great idea.
We are about an hour from the Canadian border and will head across tomorrow. We’re spending a few days on Vancouver Island before starting our trek back to Ontario.

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